Internet dating for intellectuals

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In fact, a cross-cultural study that surveyed over 200,000 people revealed that intelligence is the number-one preferred partner trait by men (followed by good looks) and the number-two trait for women (ranked behind humor; Lippa, 2007). This trait appears again and again when people think about their ideal partner.But could there be a limit to the sexiness of smartness?Researchers Gignac, Darbyshire, and Ooi (2018) out of University of Western, Australia, decided to find out.

I don't think people lies about it but have a different representation or emphasized facet of the same concept.But for those of us who ARE into the 2 sigma range, it can be very frustrating to "dial back" in order to have a conversation with someone 50 IQ points lower.Knowledge of the world's problems destroys (or at least impedes) happiness.We don't want a partner who is, relative to ourselves, an idiot, nor do we want someone far more intelligent, because that makes us the idiot.Since most of the population is clustered around the center of the distribution curve (defined to be 100), it makes sense that the most popular IQ would be on the upper end of the bulge, around 120.

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The results suggest yes, extraordinary intelligence may hurt your attractiveness, at least to a degree (Gignac et al., 2018).