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In addition he said "We continue to want the best football pro: gram possible, but desire to strengthen other programs such as soccer, track, and tennis." He said such changes must still be made within the constraints of a very tight budget. Glaze, C'55, vice-president for research and graduate studies at S MPOSIUM the University of H )NORS CAMP "Chemistry in mingham. In case the above is too verbal, there is a course in non-verbal communication. The sium event of the sympobe a round-table discus- final will ion of the place of liberal arts in the education of the scientific and technical worker. American Life" is the topic of a symposium to be presented April 7-8 in Sewanee by chemistry department alumni in honor of Dr. For living in today's world, three How-To courses will be offered. Ayres, speaking at opening convocation in January, urged continued efforts to hold down costs at and 1976, during the administration of Dr. Baird said the Environmental Protection Agency is being approached about the possibility of Regents Approve Million Budget The University Board of Regents approved a .1 million balanced budget for the next fiscal year when it met February 23-24 in Sewanee. They will participate in an inter-American workshop, geared to the secondary school age, that focuses on learning from the culture.

"An urgent request was made to cut costs and to look again at our absolute needs with an effort to balance this budget now and to plan for a balanced budget next year as well," he said. Ayres added that the response from the faculty and staff has been gratifying. Schaefer, the interim provost, in handling the budget process has enabled the vice-chancellor to spend more time seeking financial support. He fessor of is now anatomy associate proat Washington Alabama at Bir- Panelists will include Dr. Students will develop and enlarge their own photographs, take field trips to Indian archeological sites, leam to quilt, type, make bread, and do batik or silk screen. They contain content that The Sewanee News MARCH 1978 LAND-USE STUDY BEGINS The University of the South has begun a comprehensive land-use study of its 10,000 acre domain, a study that could lead to significant changes in forest management, housing practices, energy production, and business development. at Almost no aspect of land use Sewanee will be untouched by the study. Baird, chairman of the forestry and geology depart- ment, is coordinating the study, which was requested last fall by the interim administration and the Board of Regents. Baird said the basic pur- pose of the study is to gather information that will allow the regents and the administration to make more informed decisions in the future about the management of the domain. An important aspect of the study is that as many people as possible will be involved. Twentyone technical advisory committees formed from Sewanee are being and business people, faculstudents, staff, and alumni.

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The total represents a $500,000 increase over the current year and contains a contingency reserve of $100,000, the first such reserve in several years. Woods, the board chairman, said the regents "have a good feeling" about what is being accomplished by the interim administration in a time of financial concern. Jim Scott, chemistry instructor, is spending the week in Keystone, Colorado, where his group will study avalanche phenomena.

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