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Hyun bin ha ji won dating real

Ha Ji Won herself said it in her recent interview that after Sega, they’ve been good friends ever since, and how they frequently did go for drinking soju together with a third guy, their mutual non celebrity friend. Ha Ji Won supported Hyun Bin after his military duty with her encouraging texts, that was once explained by Binnie himself on an interview when he was discharged from the Navy. Thinking about it, no wonder that our amazing couple looked so real, at least we were right that they’re so earnest and always support each other wholeheartedly.Sponsored by Ha, the organization has set up a "Hartist" (Ha artist) scholarship to sponsor students who dream of careers in art.Together with fellow actor Song Joong-ki, Ha attended Medical Korea 2013 Sharing Medical Treatment Commemorative Event, an event hosted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, promoting greater international co-operation for medical technology and positive medical tourism.In 2012, Ha starred in alternate history drama The King 2 Hearts opposite Lee Seung-gi, playing the role of a North Korean Special Forces Officer who married a South Korean crown prince as a political strategy.In 2015, Ha was cast by Ha Jung-woo to play his character's wife in his self-directed movie, Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, a film adaption of the bestselling 1995 Chinese novel of the same title written by Yu Hua.In 2006, Ha starred in Hwang Jini, a period drama based on the real-life history of the character of Hwang Jini, who lived in 16th-century Joseon and is considered the most famous gisaeng in the Korean history.

The recipients of the book earnings, children's aid group Choi Kyung Joo Foundation and Yonsei University Hospital, announced their decision to set up a scholarship for prospective arts students and to subsidize treatment for deaf and blind children respectively.In 2012, the actress revealed that she had failed over 100 auditions before her debut, "I passed my college entrance and written exams and was accepted to the department of theater and film.Before my debut, I auditioned for 100 or so projects but didn't get the roles." Jeon candidly revealed that she adopted "Ha Ji-won" as her stage name as a favor for her previous manager as it was the name of his first love.The actress shared, "When I was in crisis of becoming blind in May of 2004 because of damaged cornea in my left eye while filming, but one prisoner sent me a letter expressing his willing to donate his own cornea to me, I was very thankful and greatly touched. It's shocking and pitiful that we import cornea from other countries." Ha has also played an active role in helping underprivileged and disabled children, running a donation project named Smile Again Foundation with Gangnam-gu Family Welfare Center.The project was supplemented by Ha Ji-won's fan club members while she went the extra mile to ensure the sustainability of the project.

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The movie was funded by CJ Entertainment with a budget estimated at US$10–15 million, one of the largest for a Korean production.

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