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For example, a beautiful and interesting courtship ritual is still often applied in modern Hungary.Even speech that matchmaker should say is well prepared in advance and there is a quotation, including the Bible, and poetry, remembered and used fragments of works of the older generations. Earlier engagement in Hungary in the first place meant that families of bride and groom finally agreed on financial aspects of the forthcoming marriage.Husbands also cherish family, protect and respect their wives, doing all that they in no way feel needless.Thus, in the house of a Hungarian family is always a comfort and warmth, heard ringing laughter of children, and on weekends and holidays, you can see a wonderful family dinner scene, followed by high jinks, loud music and dancing. Its cultural, historical and national traditions Hungarians cherish with special warmth.In Hungary deeply mixed customs and traditions of the past with the realities of modern Europe.In most cases couples do not experience any problems, respecting and supporting each other.Although, it should be noted that in some families, a woman, of course, voluntarily on her own will, transfers the rules to her husband, fully devoting herself to the household and child-rearing.

Therefore, after observing day game and night game in Hungary, I’ve decided to give you a series of techniques that you can use when dating Hungarian ladies.The church‘s marriage in Hungary is almost unbroken tradition, which is currently still relevant.What Hungarians certainly will not understand is a quiet wedding.Curiously, Hungarians know the custom of blessing the young couple by parents.When wife is going to enter the house for the first time, she is brought into the house on the hands of her husband and newly weds are showered with grain which means the shower of wealth.

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And now a few prudent Hungarians prefer to discuss money issues before the wedding and drawing up of the marriage contract are common as well.

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