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I am taking a risk here and improvising my grandma’s saying using political correctness addressing the animals involved in the saying, something like this, ‘ the crow they want to eat, they would call it a turkey……’ So I am exotic.

And to use the politically correct words I learned, he is a caucasian.

This is probably another consolation of being an immigrant, you got to say whatever you want to say just accompanying it with a smile- the others will think you are complimenting them. Apparently, it’s common here to breakup because of silly stuffs like I need some space, or I need to breathe so let’t take a break.

As if you were dating an elephant who sucked in all the air in the atmosphere and used all the space in the room. I am a hamster from the animal kingdom, he is the giraffe who domineered everything, what space was he talking about?

“Let’s talk….” he trailed in his sentence as he avoided my eyes.

Scratching his head and looking down, he was trying to find his politically correct words. I was already picking up some of my books and stuffs I brought over to his place. She never gets angry at such things and moreover my mum told me not to chase after a bus or a man, there would always be one after ten minutes. You divide the days of the lives you got while you are together and set up a prenup of something before you sign your union certificates? Fiammetta was a Habesha, or exotic to use the proper ‘politically correct’ words.

“ I know we got the dog together, so who gets the custody? My cousin is a very known lawyer, see you at court.” I started to the door – I am not even sure if you can go to a court over a pet’s custody in the United States. I look back at him when I reached at the door and he seemed to be rooted to the spot he occupied, Sporty on his lap – so much in comfort that Sporty didn’t even jump up and down on me they way he always does when I am heading out. Only God knows…who said exotic people can’t crack jokes once in a while?

I mean I would really love it if we can be adults about this and divide equally the days of the week between us….. ” He said this with uneasiness while trying to decipher why I was super calm about the breakup.

All the beeping messages on my phone are evidence of that, Fiammetta is popular. This crazy guy is going to serve me with a custody paper and I am about to own a dog. He, however, interpreted my response as a fight over the sole custody of the dog. I miss dating Habesha men, they are horrible at dating and at showing their true feelings but their ways are so outdated that you can guess their next moves with closed eyes-no surprises like this at all.

I checked myself in the mirror of the elevator, as I picked up my stuff and walked away from the man with the blue eyes. But again he was being politically correct to spare my feelings. He tried dating an exotic woman, now he wants to try the other international cuisines in the menu selections.

Because if the truth should be told, I didn’t occupy any of his space, I am relationship-claustrophobic myself, if there is such a thing.

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