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I lost friends over that last relationship I spoke about because I was spending so much time being a rescuer and focusing so much on that particular relationship.

Lastly on the DON’T list, DON’T fall for the myths about love and dating!

That’s creepy, don’t be that guy/girl/person/genderfluid individual.

(I think I got all the ones that are relevant when it comes to relationships – feel free to mentally add whichever term suits you where applicable through the rest of the article.) Falling for those who pay you attention will also destroy budding friendships if there isn’t a solid foundation for a real relationship to bloom.

There was probably a wide range of factors in that were a part of this.

I was a bookworm, an oddball nerd, and very religious in that fiery black-and-white-right-or-wrong teenage way.

OK, all melodrama and tongue in cheek fun-poking at commercialism aside, this leads into a pretty important topic that I think many of us living with pretty much any kind of disability battle with more than most – romantic relationships. We want to know that we mean something to somebody.

Scope out good spots well beforehand, so you will be prepared when a dating opportunity arises. A walk in the park, a one-on-one dinner or game night at home can be a romantic and unexpected date.

Look for venues (restaurants, bars, coffee shops) that are quieter, have good acoustics, and are well lit (to help with lip reading). It will be much quieter than a night out and may be more memorable since it is out of the ordinary. This is most important if the date is at a restaurant or bar.

The difficulty there came in with the misunderstandings that can happen when you can’t pick up on tone or body language, so that caused some spectacular teenage dramas!

In person, however, we were able to speak much as other couples spoke.

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Even if they are not deaf or hard of hearing, their advice is worth listening to.

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