Gridview rowupdating dropdownlist c Web cams chicas gratis

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Gridview rowupdating dropdownlist c

A very important note, in order to get the control in the Edit Item Template, then the Grid View must be in Edit mode.Otherwise you will just get the control in the Item Template.In order to change the GUI of the boundfield, we need to first convert this bound field to a Template Field.Open the aspx file in design mode and click on the arrow on the top right corner of the Grid View.The source code it will look like: <asp: Template Field Header Text="state" Sort Expression="state"> < Edit Item Template> <asp: Text Box ID="Text Box1" runat="server" Text='<%# Bind("state") %>'></asp: Text Box> </Edit Item Template> < Item Template> <asp: Label ID="Label2" runat="server" Text='<%# Bind("state") %>'></asp: Label> </Item Template> </asp: Template Field> Once the boundfield is converted to template field, we need to work on the Edit Item Template.

Basically, the scenario I have is that I have a foreign key column in my Grid View that I want to show as a Drop Down List of values.The code below shows me the values in the Drop Down List, but when I update it with the “edit” of the Grid View row, the value does not get saved.Here is the code and what it looks like running: Notice that even though I’m using Bind rather than eval, the value does not stick.Using Template Fields in the Grid View Control eclipsed4utoo was on the right track, as far as how to get to the controls. But since the controls are buried in a Template Field, you cannot just do a find control on the Row.It will not find it, you need to be more specific than that.

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You will see a menu and choose “Edit Columns” Click on the field that you want to convert from Bound Field to Template Field. Then click on “Convert This Field to Template field”.