Gemini dating scorpio

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Now a Geminis also has a better poker face as they last longer then Scorpios as Geminis represent login and Scorpios represent emotion meaning a gemini wouldn't give out easily.

People say Scorpios is the strongest sign but I disagree as a gemini, Leo or capricorn would crush them in a second if we have to.

Pit Scorpio’s deep, dark fury against Gemini’s fickleness and gregarious nature and you could have a recipe for disaster.

Fortunately for Gemini, the archetypal Communicator will be able to get his or her side of the story across well enough to stave off the worst of Scorpio’s angst. Mostly freedom loving Gemini will be irritated by Scorpio jealousy, but secretly there’s no denying that it’s flattering to the Gemini ego.

Hopefully for Scorpio and Gemini compatibility, Gemini will learn quickly not to provoke the Sorcerer’s wrath for fun, however. When these two do understand one another, it’s a deeply loyal relationship, albeit it one which tends to swing from highs to lows.

When the relationship works to its best potential, the Gemini partner brings some welcome light relief to the brooding Sorcerer who, despite his or her dark persona, is enchanted by Gemini’s wit and charm.

Gemini, the Twins are quite complex in nature and trying to understand how their minds work will give one a headache.

Ruled by Mercury, winged messenger of the Gods, these people take on life at full speed and prefer to go where the wind blows.

Despite their obvious differences, they do feel drawn to one another.

That’s what makes Scorpio and Gemini compatibility so quirky – it’s a constant battle between privacy and public, between angst and indifference, between communication and secrecy.

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Now Geminis are not known for their scary or fiesty or even argumentive side meaning we attack out of the blue.

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