Ga dating and visitation

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Those denied contact with grandchildren do have legal recourse.

Generally speaking, the courts are amenable to awarding visitation to grandparents who are the parents of a deceased parent, since they represent half of the heritage of the children.

It's important for grandparents to know about their rights and how they are affected by the death of an adult child.

Grandparents of a adult child who passed away while married will have to rely upon the surviving spouse for access to grandchildren.

Even in such cases, the surviving parent may find contact with the grandparents to be painful, as it may intensify the loss.

In addition, as time passes, the surviving parent may remarry or find a new partner.

Grandparents whose child who passed away while separated or divorced face a more complex situation.

When grandparents lose their child who was the custodial parent of their grandchildren, they often long to bring up their grandchildren.

On the other hand, grandparents who take their grandchildren in on an interim basis sometimes find themselves with the permanent job of raising their grandchildren.

Grandparents should be prepared for either outcome if they take grandchildren into their home.

Sometimes the surviving spouse is not in a position to take in the children immediately and may let grandparents take them on a temporary basis.

Grandparents in this situation run the risk of heartache if the parent reclaims the children.

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The Caregiver Ombudsman serves as an advocate for caregivers.