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Moderation analyses revealed a 3-way interaction, indicating that the maternal invalidation and BPD symptoms association varied by degree of conformity and self-construal.Among participants with interdependent self-construal, maternal invalidation was associated with BPD symptoms only at high conformity levels.Use object versioning If you update content frequently, we recommend that you use object versioning to clear the Cloud Front distribution's cache.For frequent cache refreshes, using object versioning might cost less than using invalidations.The Invalidate Rect and Invalidate Rgn functions do not generate WM_PAINT messages.

Linehan (1993)‘s biosocial model posits that borderline personality disorder (BPD) symptoms develop as a result of a transactional relationship between pre-existing emotional vulnerability and an invalidating childhood environment.An application invalidates a portion of a window and sets the update region by using the Invalidate Rect or Invalidate Rgn function.These functions add the specified rectangle or region (in client coordinates) to the update region, combining the rectangle or region with anything the system or the application may have previously added to the update region.One influential model of BPD’s etiology is Linehan’s biosocial model [5].The biosocial model posits that symptoms of BPD are a reflection of difficulties with emotion regulation (or emotion dysregulation).

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Little work, however, has investigated cultural factors that may influence the relationship between childhood invalidation and BPD symptoms.

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