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Hair Mask: You should also keep a tub of hair mask in your bathroom, I’m noy trying to make your bathroom congested I swear, just trying to make it more organised Hair masks are great for deep conditioning the hair and for providing more nourishment to dull, dry and damaged hair.

Use a hair mask once a week and if you have damaged, excessively rough hair, replace the conditioner with a hair mask and use it every time you shampoo your hair rather than using a conditioner!

I’m sure you all keep a razor in your bathroom, again it saves time, use it when you are taking bath and don’t ever use a razor on dry skin, that way you would be getting more cuts, scratches and rough skin!Summer Bath Essentials Hi Girls, Today I would be guiding you on the basic summer bath essentials you need to keep in your bathroom to deal with the hot summer season and keep your skin fresh and soft.Girls keep hundreds of things in their makeup kit, in their handbag, in drawers and every possible space but what about your bathroom?Use a conditioner on your body if you don’t have a shaving cream or any other cream to work up with razor, conditioner comes really handy when you don’t have a shaving or any other cream in your bathroom!The razor will glide easily without creating any cut if you use a conditioner before using a razor, tried and tested!

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Summer Bath Essentials: Body Wash/Shower Gel: You need a body wash to start your bath routine with but if you prefer soaps, that’s completely okay!