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“It felt like punch in the gut to people working at Facebook” says Kaufman. We’d like to expand and integrate with them.” Portal uses your existing social graph instead of needing to import phone numbers or re-establish connections with friends.

So the team built Portal to be simple enough for young children and grandparents to use, even if they’re too young or old to spend much time on smartphones. as where you will have multiple assistants and you will use them for whatever they do best . You can group video chat with up to seven friends, use augmented reality effects to hide your face or keep children entertained, and transfer calls to and from your phone.

The Food Network and Newsy apps let you watch short videos so you follow recipes or catch up on the world as you do your housework.

And while you can’t actually browse the News Feed, Facebook Watch pulls in original premium video as well as some viral pap to keep you occupied.

My biggest gripe with Portal is that there’s no voice controlled text messaging feature.

Perhaps we’ll see that down the line, though, as Facebook Messenger is now internally testing speech transcription and voice navigation.

Once a video call starts, the 140-degree, 12-megapixel Smart Lens snaps into action, automatically zooming and recentering so your face stays on camera even if you’re bustling around the kitchen or playing with the kids.

A four-microphone array follows you too to keep the audio crisp from a distance.

The new instant message center comes with 2-way text messages, voice messages, photos and emojis. The Tick Talk3 allows child to send the preset text messages, like “I'm on the school bus.” “I'll call you later.” "Just arrived." Plus more.

Beyond chat, Facebook has built a grip of third-party experiences into Portal.

You can use any Alexa to summon Spotify, Pandora, or i Heart Radio, and even opt to have songs play simultaneously on yours and someone else’s Portal for a decentralized dance party.

Portal’s most adorable feature is called Story Time.

It turns public domain children’s books into augmented reality experiences that illustrate the action and turn you into the characters.

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Deep inside Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters, the secretive Building 8 lab began work on Portal 18 months ago.

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