Fish online dating site

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Fish online dating site

Markus Frind, founder and CEO of Vancouver-based Plentyof Fish, the world’s largest Internet dating site, poses with newlywed couple Katy Severs and Mark Gomes, who met on the site five years ago.— JENELLE SCHNEIDER/PNGMarkus Frind is far too lean and thoughtful to be mistaken for a mischievous cherub, but he knows more than Cupid ever will about love potions.Markus Frind, founder and CEO of Plenty Of Fish, the world's largest Internet dating site which is based in Vancouver.In the background is newlywed couple Katy Severs and Mark Gomes, who met on POF five years ago.More than 3.5 million people log into the site every day, many of them visiting several times.Rivals such as may have more revenue, but POF’s more than 70 million registered users make it the world’s largest online dating service.Frind says people in their 20s are a bigger presence in Vancouver’s nightclub scene than in other cities, prompting older singles to go online in their quest for company.

Its amorous constituency has grown well beyond ­Canada.

But Frind ensures the company is constantly evolving.

As the dating industry consolidates, Frind has put aside million for acquisitions.

He said his password had never been changed and that it was possible his neighbours could have continued using it.

When police told him that the last Facebook messages Christine Wood sent came from his IP address, he replied "that's weird." "OK, well, I understand why I'm here," he said, followed by a laugh.

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In September, Plentyof Fish bought Fast Life, a company that hosts speed dating and singles events in Canada, Australia and the U. LOOKING FOR THE FAIRY-TALE ENDINGThose hoping for a fairy tale about how Frind met his own partner through Plentyof Fish will be disappointed.

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