Facts about online dating predators Adult only chat rooms

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No one wants their child to be that victim that we read about in the news all too frequently.Chatrooms are predators' dream come true and are the predominant online location where predators meet kids.Many gaming sites also have chatroom capabilities leaving a child vulnerable to potential exploitation. "There are ways to turn the webcam on without you knowing you're being watched," said an FBI Special Agent.Predators can also find kids on Facebook and other social networking sites.The more information kids post about themselves on line the easier it is for a predator to find them.

Many kids are indiscriminate about the information they are posting online, on their social networking profiles for the world to see.

They look like you or me or anyone down the street.

They are "mostly male, although we are seeing an alarming trend of female predators. A professional, upstanding in the community but leading a deviant lifestyle through the Internet." Parents need to pay attention to their children's online activity and take preventative measures to protect their children from online predators.

This can be prevented when parents "parent online" and "e-mentor".

If you’re not going to spend the day with a boo, then curl up on a comfy couch and scroll through the worst dating app stories that might literally make you gasp out loud By DIANE J.

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Many kids don't tell their parents when they have a problem online because they are afraid they will lose computer privileges. Start e-mentoring early when kids go on the computer so that your family values and rules are ingrained early.