Everquest launcher stuck at updating

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However, this takes a good chunk more memory from your card.If you've got an old setup, you'll want to turn it off, lest you overload your graphics card...conversely, if your card is a beast that eats 10 EQ instances for breakfast, turn it on and you'll get a decent performance boost.However, for the sex / race that matches your character(s) you need to use the new models if you wish to use a mount.Note: If you use the old models, you may still wear / view Hero's Forge armor, but the look is changed.Just because the last person who worked on RMT is gone doesn't mean that those investigations stop. If you break the rules, you will be caught and banned eventually. This event is to celebrate 20 years of Ever Quest by showcasing original art, design documents, concept art, and more.There will be various panels throughout the weekend with key figures from Ever Quest's past and present development teams as well as community members. We encourage anyone able to do so to come on out and say hi!so just keep it off and reduce the zone time for the only instance you ever find yourself back in Ak'Anon. Texture Compression: Wow, finally something that you actually want turned on /gasp.

When the game needs a texture, at certain distances away from you, rather than drawing the higher res texture, the game will instead draw the appropriate lower resolution texture, resulting in less work for your video card.

If you want to speed up your game the most when around many players, unchecking as many of these as you can is the best way to improve your framerate.

Sound: Having a 16 piece orchestra constantly playing in the background can be a bit of a drain if you don't have a dedicated sound card, so if your computer is a bit older and you know full well you lack a sound card (almost every computer built in the last five years, except for very high end models, does not have a dedicated sound card), you may wish to turn this off. The graphics engine in EQ is archaic, and the social animations are not helping.

When playing video games, a better graphics card will usually result in seeing better graphics quality in game.

That doesn't mean you can't play without a top-of-the-line video card.

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Even though I only have one video card, this always shows two.