Eharmony dating boards

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Eharmony dating boards

(Note 2: The authors did make all their raw data available, a feature that is still quite rare in scientific publishing.

  The lead author is a consultant to e Harmony and another author is e Harmony's former research director, Gian Gonzaga.

That's a very small absolute difference, but with such large numbers in the survey, even this small difference is, in a narrow technical sense, statistically significant.

The satisfaction scale ranged from 1 "Extremely Unhappy" to 7 "Perfect." So all this fuss and publicity is over a difference between 5.5 and 5.6 in a survey.

But these steps wouldn't eliminate bias that might have crept in earlier, when the e Harmony-sponsored survey was being conducted. (This assumes, of course, that the effect is real.) They suggest that There it is! Certainly there's a difference here, in that the only result is that someone might be convinced to try an on-line dating site, which might not be harmful at all.

The article also reports the marital satisfication score of specific online dating sites. It seems that e Harmony has found another perfect match: PNAS and e

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