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This does not reflect on you personally or your chances of finding a happy relationship. We wish you the best in finding a great relationship." So they brag about having this awesome, scientifically-based algorithm, I spend lots of time answering very personal questions about myself, and then I get that result. I logged onto my account tonight for the first time in three years, and, sure enough, they won't even let me retake the quiz.The worst part is, there's no explanation whatsoever. It just keeps plastering the same message with no explanation as to why and no chance to try again.But they will give me a notice stating how they saved me from a fake profile on this site, that they took down. So they tell me to change my criteria/dimensions, so go change who you are? I put in a report to Florida Attorney General's office and FTC, for scamming seniors. I signed up for 3 Months and canceled auto billing. I want my money back or send real verifiable dates. I joined to try out on a whim based on it being highly recommended.Which the matches they do send me are not ever a match, and do not responded. I feel like this website has more decent girls than guys that actually pay.

What exactly is the harm in being bought dinner or a couple drinks. This site is an absolute waste of your time and money!!!!

Why I would pay just to cancel is another ridiculous suggestion. Take a look at the rest of the reviews on this site and I think you'll see we all agree.

While I'm sure e Harmony crunches a lot of data, they miss the big picture.

I signed up for the site, completed all the questions and preferences.

I continued to get matches from people who did not meet those preferences. For all the marketing about being matched based on profile, the results are poor at best. How do you know about the site and their customer service within that time period?

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Having tried all the normal free apps (tinder, bumble, etc) and not having much luck, I decided it was time to try something a bit more sophisticated. I'm on my third week and there's been multiple days where I have not gotten any matches at all already.