Drupal xml sitemap not updating

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Please ensure you have set up the plugin correctly including the initial re-index of your videos to locate videos that were posted prior to the plugin activation.If the sitemap remains empty after re-indexing videos, please check for theme or plugin conflicts. Please include a link to the sitemap URL along with any troubleshooting steps you have already completed.Check whether the source of the sitemap shows you the data you would expect in an XML sitemap.Not sure how to see the source code, follow the steps in this article.David Snopek is a founder of my Drop and a long-time Drupal developer and community member.Among other things, he co-maintains the Panopoly distribution, is a member of the Drupal security team, and co-organizes the local Drupal meetup group in Milwaukee, WI. I have upgraded to lastest 5.x-1.x-dev (27-nov-2007) but still have the same problem.

If your video sitemap is empty, the Video SEO plugin has not located any videos on your site.Yoast SEO uses the Word Press site URLs to generate the sitemap.In rare cases, these URLs may not match the preferred URL format of your site.The Sitemap works well in adding new nodes and submitting the sitemap to the search engines but when I change or edit info in a node the sitemap do not update the 2009-09-25T function in the existing sitemap, that is after cron was run manually a couple of times.First, determine whether you have a blank or an empty sitemap.

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