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Documentbuilderfactory setvalidating dtd

For example, the follwoing XML file, User.xml, includes whitespaces: <? Build your DOM document object with the DOM API: Document Builder b = Document Builder(); Document d = Document(); Element e = d.create Ele...Where to find answers to frequently asked questions on Using XML SAX API with Apache Xerces.

JAXP supports Object-based and Event-based parsing. In Object-based, only W3C DOM parsing is supported so far.But in JAXP 1.1 (JSR-63), XML transformation was introduced using XSL-T.Unfortunately, the W3C XSL-T specification does not provide any APIs for transformation.A DOM parser reads the entire XML file and creates an in-memory data structure called DOM.If the DOM parser is W3C compliant, then, the DOM created is a W3C DOM, which can be traversed or modified using the org.w3APIs.

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Therefore, the JAXP 1.1 Expert Group (EG) introduced a set of APIs called Transformation API for XML (Tr AX) in JAXP 1.1, and since then, JAXP is called Java API for XML Processing.

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