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"I think he appreciates women who are willing to dress in an eccentric way — women who aren't just trying to follow fashion." These are the women Von Teese admires, too. "I've always wanted to have dark hair and play the image of the femme fatale without actually being one." She stops and laughs at herself. But I'm not officially divorced yet, so I have a conscience about things.She loves Gwen Stefani and Madonna for their fearless style, but her real icons are the stars of old movies: Hedy Lamarr, Rita Hayworth, and Dita Parlo, the silent star from whom she took her name. "I'm not really fatale at all, as I'm sure you can tell! And I feel like I'll come out better in the end if I take my time and get through it and feel all the pain, do all that emotional cleansing." She's not looking for any specific type, she says. "I'm excited, in a way, about the adventure of life and what's next. With her dark hair falling in a soft Lana Turner curl, alabaster skin, and carefully painted crimson lips, she would have looked perfectly at home here in the plush marble lobby of Paris's Le Grand hotel — where she is currently staying — half a century ago, yet she also regularly tops the best-dressed lists now. I think people thought we were real free and open, but we really believed in commitment and tradition and our vows. The shiny black stilettos, the sheer, seamed stockings, and the black pleated skirt cinched by a wide belt at the waist and topped with a matching short-sleeved sweater may be pure 1950s New Look, but Von Teese carries it with such confidence that it all looks utterly contemporary.This is not okay.' I'm not the first woman, or the last, to go through what I'm going through.I just keep reminding myself of that." Dita Von Teese, 34, was born Heather Sweet and grew up in small-town Michigan and later Orange County, California."But anyone who knows me knows that I was never going to be that way." We meet only weeks after Von Teese moved out of the marital home, and she's clearly still hurting, the feelings still raw.

It was Manson's birthday, so she took a bottle of absinthe backstage for him.She won't discuss the pets, but she's happy to state that she wants little else."I fit the gold-digger image, I suppose," she says with a wry smile.I'm not much of a drinker — or a drug user — on a regular basis." But she also says that Manson's recreational habits weren't the main problem."I know who I married," she says, shrugging, "so it wasn't some surprise." As well as drink and drugs, other reports about the breakup have mentioned Lindsay Lohan, but she dismisses that as "sensationalism.

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