Differences between seeing someone and dating

Posted by / 06-Dec-2019 10:21

And what does it mean when people say 'I'm seeing ___'?

(for guys) do they sleep with a bunch of girls then eventually filter them down to one or something? Tinder is an app which is notorious for people who are just looking to sleep with other people.

While it might just be that texting is not their thing, it might be a sign that they’re treating this as more of a casual fling.

Someone who wants to introduce you to their friends right away is obviously taking things seriously.

It's your choice :) good luck When two people decide to become boyfriend and girlfriend there is a bond of trust between them and that also means they are not free to date others.

While it might seem obvious, it can be hard to acknowledge it when you’re really crushing on someone.

It could be that, unlike yourself, they don’t feel the need to do the compatibility test because they see this as a casual thing.

This is a pretty obvious one but it needs to be said.

When trying to figure out if you’re compatible, that’s pretty damn important.

If you’re just getting vague answers and find they’re unwilling to tell you many personal details, you might want to question why that is.

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Sure life can get busy, but if there are big intervals between one date to the next and it’s a huge effort just to meet up, it might not be worth it.