Dating vintage campagnolo

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Dating vintage campagnolo

Parts Catalogs show exploded diagrams of components with individual parts and manufacturer part numbers.Part numbers often cross-reference to items available on other components and are invaluable when trying to locate replacements.

The Record hub bodies were a one-piece design, made from a forged aluminum shell, with replaceable steel bearing races pressed into it.Campagnolo introduced it’s serial numbered & signed limited edition group for the company’s 50th anniversary.Grouppo number 0002 was presented to His Holiness Pope John Paul II in a private ceremony on June 15th, 1983. If you’re wondering why this would be on Campagnolo pages, you were probably wearing diapers when these bikes were new.Besides the hubs, I had purchased a pair of impossibly light Super Champion tubular rims and built my first pair of wheels.Whether it was because of the extreme lightness of the rims or because of my amateur wheel-building skills (probably both), the wheels seemed to need constant truing.

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I eventually un-laced and re-built them with the same hubs and a more robust pair of rims (my wheel-building skills having improved greatly), and I still use them today, almost 30 years later. The Campagnolo Record hubs are iconic kit -- without a doubt, the best hubs one could buy in their day, and one could argue, among the best of any time. First introduced in 1958, the Record hubs were made with only minor changes up until about 1985 or '86.

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