Dating unemployed men

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Dating unemployed men

There's an antiquated belief that still permeates society — males should be the breadwinners in relationships and be able to support their female partners.When the tables are turned in a relationship and it's the female who is the breadwinner it often creates underlying tension in relationships.If you’re wise, you’ll use this for a fresh start to stop getting caught up in the same dramatic situations playing on repeat and move on.

Couple the initial dating difficulties with being a successful female with her career together and you have a recipe for potential disaster."Is it wrong that I said no because he's unemployed? She was referring to a guy who asked her to go for drinks.To his face, she simply told him she was seeing someone else.But the real reason she said no was because he didn't have a job."It's hard to sort of find common ground with someone who is at a different stage in life," she told .

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Respondents felt that work was a beneficial activity for men to participate in.