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Moreover, archaeology funding organisations (such as the Heritage Lottery Fund) increasingly favour local community involvement.

The guides are available for download from the Jigsaw Website. Copyright in these guides belongs to Jigsaw and the authors FRAG organises sessions where members can learn more about archaeological skills and build the confidence to take an active part in surveys and excavations.

Methods used for this study comprised of microscopic residue and use wear analyses, including Scanning Electron Microscope Energy Dispersive X-ray (SEM-EDX) observations.

Experimental studies evaluated contaminant cleaning from stone tools and residue extraction methods.

Radiocarbon dating is widely applied to tools with organic attachments such as wooden handles or rope bindings but C14 methods are not reliable when items have been water saturated.

Studies to reveal the source of raw stone materials have been at the head of modern archaeological research.

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The feasibility of radiocarbon dating ultra-small samples is suggested if contaminants are confined.

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