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Male subjects were presented with identical information about a young woman who presented herself either in a short video-clip, per audio-trace, in a written text that was accompanied by a photo or by written text only.Afterwards, participants judged how confident they felt with the impression they have formed of the target person, how pronounced the impression was, and how much they would like to get in contact with that girl.Of course, they are supported by elaborate matching algorithms that make according partner suggestions.

Thus, it seems that it was attractiveness information rather than media richness that enhanced desire for contact, confidence in, and clarity of the impression formed.

The present research investigates the effects of media richness, i.e.

of paraverbal and nonverbal cues, as well as of physical attractiveness information on impression formation in a fictive online dating setting.

Clarity of the impression did not differ as a function of relationship status.

Advantages and disadvantages of the option to provide physical attractiveness information via photos and video-clips in online dating portals are discussed from a social psychological perspective.

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In how far this may simply reflect an instance of hindsight-bias or “knew-it-all-along”-effect (Fischhoff, 1975; for reviews, see Christensen-Szalanski, & Willham, 1991, and, more recently, Blank, Nestler, von Collani & Fischer, 2009) remains an open question.