Dating sites were recently sued for massive fraud

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Dating sites were recently sued for massive fraud

Now, if the Space marine was pretty much exactly the same in every way to one of the previous versions, then yes, there is grounds for a copyright infringement on someones previous idea, but, i'd challenge anyone who said GWs marines were copies of something else the moment you take everything into account.Imperial guard, unfortunately requires a little bit of license though, as, there are only so many ways you can depict basic humans in space... they are basic humans and will follow how things are currently just with different weapons. Sure they share similar basic start points, but they then diverge from there - hell, the comic series, several books and most of the films were all created after GW introduced the Tyranid range, so, you could argue that maybe they drew some inspiration from what GW designed.A funny part is that he claims that Warhammer was a "110%" rip-off of J. The charges of fraud include pumping and dumping product lines- alleging that representatives were secret about these things and misrepresented the value of products which caused the guy to buy things that became worthless...without any examples of when this happened.He claims that the production of a miniature is 3 cents and that GW sells them at a 50,000% markup.Because it is a "genre" noone has ownership of the genre - what they do have ownership of is their lore, artistic representation and their game.To say that GW "stole" the idea of a space marine from a book, one of the countless tv shows or movies is grasping at straws at best.Likewise, his request to be allowed to continue selling the GW product regardless without interference after this case is resolved is a little desperate?Due to the agreement between store and company, i'd presume that it will include a clause saying "GW reserves the right to end the partnership with an x amount of prior written notice/immediately if they have a valid reason/terms were broken".

For example, if you called something an orc(k) but then tried to tell the world that orcs are actually bright orange in colour at lot of people would be put off by it as you're attempting to change one of the fundamentals of the genre and how people perceive it - likewise if you suddenly decided Dwarves can't grow beards.) The same goes for the sci-fi setting.

Breach of contract deals with the plaintiff specifically feeling that GW is sabotaging his business through slander to his distributors and increasing the prices that he has to buy products at.

I als recommend anyone involved in law to not put in (Wink, wink) in your legal documents.

Each store i believe enters into an agreement with GW in order to stock and sell their product (which i believe also includes the requirement of them buying their stock straight from GW instead of another 3rd party).

This not only helps the store owner as he is then able to negotiate a reduced "buy in" price per kit, but also helps them get more people into the store.

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Restraint of Trade deals with the rather old fashion rules about online that GW has such as no shopping cart.

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