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Dating sim witch spell

And the greatest virtue of a High Priestess be that she recognize that youth is necessary to the representative of the Goddess. So she will gracefully retire in favour of a younger woman should the Coven so decide in council. For a true High Priestess realizes that gracefully surrendering pride of place is one of the greatest virtues. And that thereby she will return to that pride of place in another life, with greater power and beauty. In the old days, when witchdom extended far, we were free and worshipped in all the greater temples. But in these unhappy times we must celebrate our sacred mysteries in secret. So be it ordained that none but the Wicca may see our mysteries, for our enemies are many and torture loosens the tongue of man. So be it ordained that no Coven shall know where the next Coven bide. Or who its members be, save only the Priest and Priestess and messenger. And there shall be no communication between them, save by the messenger of the gods, or the summoner. And only if it be safe may the Covens meet in some safe place for the great festivals. And while there, none shall say whence they came nor give their true names. To this end, that if any be tortured, in their agony, they may not tell if they do not know. So be it ordained that no one shall tell anyone not of the craft who be of the Wicca, nor give any names or where they bide, or in any way tell anything which can betray any of us to our foes. But splitting the Coven often means strife, so for this reason these Laws were made of old and may the CURSE OF THE GODDESS BE ON ANY WHO DISREGARD THEM. Let brothers and sisters copy what they will, but never let the book out of your hands, and never keep the writings of another. For if it be found in their hand of write, they may be taken and arraigned. Let each guard his own writings and destroy them whenever danger threatens. Learn as much as you may by heart and, when danger is past, rewrite your book, an it be safe. For this reason, if any die, destroy their book an they have not been able to. For, an it be found, 'tis clear proof against them. And our oppressors know well "Ye may not be a witch alone". So all their kin and friends be in danger of torture, 59. It's going to take a while no matter what you try, but I usually go with five basic things:1- Have a lot of magic replenishment potions on hand.B- buy the most expensive wand.4- cast the highest level spell you can.

I found that leveled me up the quickest because there was no down time between "conjure apple"casting conversion ritual or finding someone to Fire Blast/Ice Blast.

For this reason, the Christians have their spies everywhere. Ever make it jest) and in some future time perhaps, the persecution may die and we may worship our gods in safety again. So for this reason all be forever spying, thinking, "An I can catch but one of these Wicca, I will escape from this fiery pit." 104. So much that men now say that only old women are witches. And this be to our advantage and turns suspicion away from us. In England and Scotland 'tis now many a year since a witch hath died the death. But the curse of the Goddess be on any who cast suspicion on any of the Brotherhood. Or who speak of any real meeting-place or where they bide. Let the craft keep books with the names of all herbs which are good, and all cures so all may learn. But keep another book with all the Bales and Apies and let only the Elders and other trustworthy people have this knowledge. Do magic before our eyes, then only will we believe," seeking to cause us to betray the art before them. Heed them not, for the art is holy and may only be used in need, and the curse of the gods be on any who break this Law. It ever be the way with women and with men also, that they ever seek new love.

Ever remember ye are the hidden children of the Goddess so never do anything to disgrace them or Her. Never boast, never threaten, never say you would wish ill of anyone. If any person not in the Circle, speak of the craft, say, "Speak not to me of such, it frightens me, 'tis evil luck to speak of it." 81. But to others, ever say, "'Tis foolish men talk of witches flying through the air. And men say that witches all be blear-eyed old crones, so what pleasure can there be at a witch meeting such as folks talk on ? And say, "Many wise men now say there be no such creatures." 85. Their priests ever tell them that any who get our help are damned to this hell forever, so men be mad with the terror of it. But they make men believe that they may escape this hell if they give victims to the tormentors. That none shall use the art in any way to do ill to any. And many have died because they were scolding old women. And they sell pardons to let men escape from their sins. But ever speak of them as old crones, consorting with the devil and riding through the air. And ever say, "But how may many ride the air if they be not as light as thistledown." 133. And may the blessings of the gods be on all who keep these Laws, and the curses of both the God and the Goddess be on all who break them. Remember the art is the secret of the gods and may only be used in earnest and never for show or vainglory. Magicians and Christians may taunt us saying, "You have no power, show us your power.

And if any break these Laws, even under torture, THE CURSE OF THE GODDESS SHALL BE UPON THEM, so they may never be reborn on earth and may remain where they belong, in the hell of the Christians. Let each High Priestess govern her Coven with justice and love, with the help and advice of the High Priest and the Elders, always heeding the advice of the Messenger of the Gods if he cometh. She will heed all complaints of all Brothers and strive to settle all differences among them. But it must be recognized that there will always be people who will ever strive to force others to do as they will. But if they do, they must utterly avoid the old Coven. The Elders of the new and old Covens should meet in peace and brotherly love to decide the new boundaries. Those of the craft who dwell outside both Covendoms may join either but not both. Though all may, if the Elders agree, meet for the great festivals if it be truly in peace and brotherly love, 50. If you would keep a book, let it be in your own hand of write. If your book be found on you, 'tis clear proof against you alone, you may be arraigned.

It hath ever been the Old Law to be convenient to the Brethren and to avoid disputes. Any of the third may claim to found a new Coven because they live over a league away from the Covenstead or are about to do so. Anyone living within the Covendom and wishing to form a new Coven, shall tell the Elders of their intention, and on the instant avoid their dwelling and remove to the new Covendom. Members of the old Coven may join the new one when it is formed.

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If they try to make you speak of the Brotherhood, do not. But if they try to make you speak of impossibilities such as flying through the air, consorting with a Christian devil or sacrificing children, or eating men's flesh, 65. The Brotherhood is powerful and will help you to escape if you stand steadfast, but if you betray aught there is no hope for you in this life or in that to come. Be sure, if steadfast you go to the pyre, drugs will reach you, you will feel naught.