Dating psychology games

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Dating psychology games

Then he asks them to analyze the plays in terms of how close relationships are portrayed.Variety from an Intimate Relationships course - Gary Lewandowski lets students choose from a variety of assignments including comparing popular press claims versus the research and creating a "how to" guide for relationship success.

Introduce themselves to the class, if you will, and they continued to add to those pages throughout the semester.

Students really were fascinated by this (I had seen it at a museum in see, the end of the semester we used the facial recognition software and many students posted those images that were "supposed" to look like them on their wiki pages. Here is a link to a conversation with the actress who played the overweight woman in the clip.

Again, students really enjoyed it and in fact, I had promised that three weeks after the semester I would "take down" the wiki pages with student pictures, etc. gives his take on the subject in this compelling scene from his tv show. Here is a description and video of comedy clip about overweight women that has received less attention.

Conversational analysis - Here is an activity from Jessica Collett's Social Psychology course in which students analyze possible conversations they might have.

Here is some background info on conversational structure.

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This form of social isolation, Hikikomori, in which, typically, young boys and men lock themselves in their rooms for years in some cases, appears to be fairly unique to Japan. The site creators have graciously compiled some of those resources and assignments at the link above.

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