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The Bait & Hitch This is a sneaky non-date set up by your friends.You're invited out to some activity, usually a casual dinner, and you show up to discover some mystery guy has been asked to come along because everyone thinks "you two will really hit it off!Apparently he only gave me the ticket because he though this was a date (I kinda figured that was what is going on) and That I would be kissing him not his friend and that was the only reason why he invited me in the first place lol.I guess you can call it successfully, lol, kinda, sorta, just as little, maybe, lol (I can't stop laughing). Non-dates, on the other hand, I went on those all the time.Are you going to say you don't want to do the thing you just said you wanted to do? Maybe it was intended to be several coworkers and everyone decided last minute they were too tired (See above: "Looks like it's going to be just us…").And it kind of feels like a date, but it also kind of doesn't and maybe he's just trying to get laid?Yeah, that's the "after-party date" non-date.5. The After Non-Date Non-Date If after any of these non-dates you're enjoying yourself enough to move on to a new locale, you may be on an after-non-date non-date.

I like to coin the terms hanging out, chilling, friendadate.

You have an awkward goodbye where you both stand around for too long and finally just share a dorky side hug and a wave.

When you get home you are grinning because you had such a great time and your date has already texted to say the feeling was mutual, let's hang again soon.

" because you're both a little drunk at this point and pizza=delicious.

Eat your food, go to your home, return to work and never speak of this non-date again.3.

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