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Dating in the dark andy kayak

The leg's Detour was a choice of Tough Climb or Easy Walk.

In Tough Climb, teams must travel to Notre Dame de Paris and had to climb up the 297 steps of the cathedral and ring Quasimodo's bell to receive their next clue.

In Air, teams had to take a quick trip along a zipline across the gorge and then experience a 54 metres (177 ft) gorge swing to reach the bottom and receive their next clue.

In Land, teams had to take a long hike down the rim of the gorge to receive the next clue.

They also returned, along with Joe & Bill, to participate in the All-Stars edition among a cast of returning teams from seasons 1-10.

Runner up Frank Mesa made an appearance at the starting line of season 25.

In Far, teams had to go to Chobe National Park in the nearby nation of Botswana 110 kilometres (68 mi) away and photograph a single elephant.

Placements are listed in finishing order: The very first Fast Forward of the Race required teams to hike down a steep canyon to the Boiling Pot on the Zambezi River.

For the series' very first Detour at Batoka Gorge, teams had a choice between Air or Land.

Other aspects of filming were unique to the first season of the series.

Host Phil Keoghan handed out clues at the beginning of some legs and only greeted the last-place team at each Pit Stop; all other teams were greeted and informed of their placements by local representatives.

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Season 1 was not particularly a ratings success as the series premiered six days prior to the September 11 attacks, after which interest in foreign travel waned and viewership fell correspondingly.

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