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If they're anything like those Desperate Housewives, then bring it on!Nigel Harman's Estimated Net Worth, Age, Biography, Career, Height, Weight, Family, Wiki.His character Danny Moon has established himself as a ladies' man since arriving in Albert Square and is currently bedding Sam Mitchell, played by Kim Medcalf.But in real life Maskall, 29, lives with his boyfriend in north London."I'm gay and I've been with my boyfriend for 12 years," he told Now magazine."It's not a secret.

John and Jackie Kennedy weren't married in a church.

All relationship and family history information shown on Fame Chain has been compiled from data in the public domain.

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Beckett, who found fame in The Office, told how he has been bombarded with fan mail from love-struck female viewers.

He said: "I don't mind being the housewives' choice one bit.

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John and Jackie Kennedy had been married for 10 years when President Kennedy died. Kennedy and Jacqueline Lee "Jackie" Bouvier were married on September 12, 1953. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. She married Edwin Arthur Schlossberg in 1986,and they are still married today. Caroline is the daughter of Jacqueline Kennedy and John F Kennedy.

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