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What you do is called an – the Dutch Language Union – is a public organization managed by the Dutch and Flemish ministers for culture and education.

It is responsible for both standardizing the Dutch language and promoting Dutch language and culture around the world.

Nowadays, Dutch finds itself influenced by the variety of cultures that speak it and the multiculturalist society of the Netherlands.

You might hear street slang comprised of Moroccan, Surinamese, and Antillean words, and of course English is all pervasive in all modern genres of Dutch, especially “social media language” and texting abbreviations. While it is sometimes written as two words, some linguists argue it changes the meaning.

The only way to learn it is to dive right into the language itself and, of course, the culture.

If you’re living in a Dutch-speaking country, knowing the Dutch language will help you feel at home.

provides information about living and working in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, including how to apply for a visa.

Then the training ‘Working and dealing with the Dutch’ at our partner Akteos might be interesting for you. Read on for ten interesting facts about the Dutch language.Further, where German has three (nominative) definite articles, , tells native speakers whether or not Dutch is really your mother-tongue; this was the downfall of more than one German spy during WWII.If you can’t find the country or region you’re looking for, it may appear in a different language version of Find out which language or languages are used for information about the country you are looking for, or scroll down to the bottom of the screen to change the language.

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provides general information about the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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