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Dating countups

I didn't want to believe that he was feeding me lies after lies. He wouldn't leave his phone alone for a second and would hold it away from me whenever he picked it up.I told him that he was acting shady with his phone, but he jumped down my throat every single time accusing me of having paranoia issues.

My husband is in the military, which means he deploys quite a bit throughout the year.Instead, I've been playing around on my laptop, changing my blog background (in case you haven't noticed!), changing the backgrounds of my Myspace page, and Joanie's (she lets me change her page, since she knows I love it!That was his first mistake that led him down the road of destruction...About three weeks before he was supposed to come home, he finally decided he wanted to be sent home on emergency so he could see his father for the last time.

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He obviously didn't love me...respect about me.

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