Dating assessment

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Dating assessment

In this example the probable most severe injury would be “Major or Serious Injury” with the possibility of bruising, breakage, finger amputation.In assessing the likelihood, the question should be asked “If the hazard occurs, how likely is it that the worker will be injured? This should not be confused with how likely the hazard is to occur.

Two key questions to ask when using a risk matrix should be: In assessing the consequences of a hazard, the first question should be asked “If a worker is exposed to this hazard, how bad would the most probable severe injury be? For this consideration we are presuming that a hazard and injury is inevitable and we are only concerned with its severity.

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My son, Tyler, had the heart, dreams and mind of an active boy. The doctors painted a bleak picture of what his future held. They said he would be blind, mentally disabled and never walk. I learned early on that my attitude affected how my son reacted to adversity.

As we encouraged Ty to pursue his natural curiosities, he began discovering what brought him joy.

From an early age, Ty was active and interested in sports.

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They should be reviewed regularly and kept up to date.

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