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And all this culture has somehow left a mark on the image of women.

Feminine beauty, like the mentality of all the peoples of the world, it is impossible to grasp, even for all life. Unfortunately, in Italy under the “Russia” people means anything, including the former Soviet republics, which are now autonomous and have their own culture, sometimes much greater and not as authoritative.

What qualities of his wife are the most valued by Massimo according to him?

“She is a serious person, responsible, sweet and modest, helping me in the store and raised their own children,” – he said.

With her I can easily discuss any topics, including those that cannot be discussed with the Italian women.

Valentine’s Day is for romantics and marriage and the offer of it is very serious matter and action, not for this day.

But there are also Italian men who have decided to move into the former Soviet Union, as now it is kind of trendy in Italy.

If a man wants to be happy in marriage, not depending on the nationality, what qualities he better forget of?

“When I get home after work, I know that I’m not waiting for the evening tedious moralizing,” – says Antonio, a divorced man in the age after forty. “If she was not interesting to me, I would not pay attention to her.

But my Tanya is not only beautiful, but also intelligent.

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Ira and Massimo have created a family in which they are raising two teenagers – Ira’s children from a previous marriage in Russia. “Ira is the right woman for me and I hope that I am the perfect husband to her, fulfilling her expectations,” – proudly says Massimo.