Dating after divorce for women over 50

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Follow up on statistics to do with successful job placements, and not just for 20- or 30-year-olds.This article on MSN Money, “10 New Careers After Age 50,” points out the advantageous qualities of a mature employee, including reliability and wisdom.When addressing the issue of starting over when we’re over 50, we often consider relocation in light of personal taste, desired lifestyle, and finances — both affordability and earning options.But in middle age, the factors involved in where and how to make a fresh start are much more numerous, especially after divorce or widowhood. The enormity of starting over after age 50 can seem overwhelming.Google is certainly not the only way that you can research, but it is an easy way to begin the process.Likewise, for purposes of researching scholarship money that may be available to you.

Most of us get jobs (or work) through personal connections; in my experience, the older we get the more important it is to realize this. My own mother went back to college – a very fine university in the Boston area at that — when she was otherwise a stay-at-home wife and mother.Should the reader who commented throw her arms up in the air and accept “barely surviving” while living with her widowed mother? Is the sky the limit if you’re healthy, a go-getter, and lucky? The Times article goes on to offer examples of individuals who retooled, took chances, relocated, and ultimately found new and financially viable careers. All “coaches” are most certainly not created equal!But the examples don’t pertain to most of us, though the importance of networking, determination, taking risk and “a bit of luck” are essential. keep in mind that friends and acquaintances can be more helpful than you realize.She began that process at 30, graduated at 40, and was extremely proud of that accomplishment. In her 60s, she went back to school again, this time in a continuing education program, more than anything for her own enjoyment.Since she found herself divorced and on her own in her 50s, that college degree was helpful. do your homework if what you are really after is job opportunity.

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For many, 50 is the point at which we perceive (or imagine) someone to be “old” – certainly on paper. The recession and its aftermath have hit older workers especially hard. And if you’re willing to relocate, how do you choose a new city or region? Naturally, if you can afford it, a career coach, life coach or other advisers can guide you toward some answers.

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