Dating a mentally challenged person im dating my cousin

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Many stop taking their medication because they believe they no longer need it.

Many never wanted to take it in the first place and quit immediately.

To force a patient to receive medications, another court hearing must be scheduled and the judge must rule that this can be done. Therefore, forcing a patient to accept some form of birth control such as the birth-control implant must come from a conservator who gives permission for the device to be placed and a judge who determines the hospital can do this against the patient’s wishes. Legally, a procedure such as tying the patient’s tubes to prevent further pregnancies is nearly impossible.

This number leaves out those adults for whom their mental illness does not represent a major inability to think and function in society, similar to the numbers assessed by the Canadian study of adolescent girls.

A patient cannot be forced to do or accept anything without the clinicians going through a series of legal procedures.

A paranoid schizophrenic can reject any and all medication simply by saying “no,” unless he or she becomes violent.

These are just two examples of a problem that is becoming more and more apparent and heart-breaking in clinical psychiatric centers.

The fate of these children is largely unknown—that is, until they return to those very same psychiatric centers later in life as patients.

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If the children are not removed immediately from the patient’s custody and put into the state foster system, they often have to be closely monitored by social workers throughout their lives.

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