Dating a guy with short man syndrome

Posted by / 28-Aug-2020 14:09

Dating a guy with short man syndrome

I think that's insulting to a lot of perfectly normal short guys, who don't even think twice about their height, and who are confident and just trying to test their luck with women, and get immediately shut down under the false pretense that they're just too insecure or whatever. If a person is so shallow as to completely reject an awesome guy who's just shy a few inches, well, that person is definitely not for you to impress.

Sure, they may not fare out as well as their taller counterparts, but saying that they're doomed is just plain wrong man.

Not having a 5 year plan is a deal breaker for some girls who want things to move forward in their life faster. However, if you feel strongly against his Peter Pan man-ness, then I suggest .

If you are dating a Peter Pan man, with this problem, be sure to bring it up before dumping him for a older guy with a awesome 5 year plan. " Yes, you are dealing with a Peter Pan man; but don't sell him short, something is bound to come up in the happenstance that any guy selling comics might be the next Stan Lee. Girls over 30, may not want to get stuck with a Peter Pan man.

Women want a tall guy so they can look good next to him in Facebook pictures, so they can look good paraded next to him down the church aisle, and so they can have some tall sons to show off.

Since height is associated with status in our culture, having a tall boyfriend or husband is a status symbol.

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