Dating a girl with spina bifida

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Dating a girl with spina bifida

Women who have diabetes and who do not control blood sugar levels will have a higher peril of having a baby with this defect.There has been evidence that suggests body temperature that is increased and known as hyperthermia in the early months of pregnancy can raise the danger of this defect.This risk rises if there are two (2) prior children who have been affected by this disorder.In addition, any woman born with a “defective neural tube” or with a relative who is close with one also has a larger risk of giving child birth to a baby with spina bifida.A clump of hair that is abnormal, a gathering of fat, a dimple that is small or a mark on the skin of the newborn above the defect might be the lone sign of the disorder.Many individuals who have “spina bifida occulta” do not even realize it until the problem is found while having an imaging procedure for a reason that is unrelated.Also referred to as “open spina bifida”, is the more severe type – and is the form individuals normally think of when they use or hear the words “spina bifida”.In this form, the spinal canal of the baby stays open along with several vertebrae in the middle or lower back.

Due to the nerves in the spine not usually being involved, many of those with this type of spina bifida have no symptoms or signs and there are no problems neurologically.Medications known as anti-seizure, for instance valproic acid sold as Depakene is believed to be a cause in the development of “neural tube defects” especially when used while pregnant, since they seem to obstruct the body’s capacity to consume folate or folic acid.Obesity pre-pregnancy is linked with a bigger risk of “neural tube birth” deficiencies containing spina bifida.This is a portion of a grouping of defects of birth referred to as “neural tube defects”.This tube is the primary configuration that ultimately progresses into the spinal cord and brain of the baby as well as the tissues that encompass them.

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While doing this surgery, a neurosurgeon will space the spinal cord and tissue exposed inside the infant’s body and then shields them with skin and muscle.

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