Dating a franchi shotgun

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Dating a franchi shotgun

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After being on hold for about 5 minutes, the rep advised me that, based on serial number, they have records of year/month of manufacture - mine was built April, 1992. It says near the top of this post, the code for year of manufacture is not part of the serial number.

Overall Length: 45.5″″ Average Weight: 6.0 lbs Chokes: F, IC, M, wrench Type of Sights: Red fiber optic front bead Length of Pull: 14-1/4″ Drop at Heel: 2″ Drop at Comb: 1-1/2" Auto Ejectors, Barrel Selector, Auto Safety; Color case hardened receiver.

All firearms made in Italy are required by law to be tested by the Government Proof House, which marks the firearm with several symbols, one of which is a code identifying the year in which the firearm was proofed. In recent years the two-letter code has usually been enclosed in a rectangle.

The Lone Canadian, Henry BTW, my 391 Optima Gold has not been cleanned since 1997! What type of nail gun should I buy to replace the boards in my wooden fence?

Some kids are constantly breaking the wooden boards (about 6 feet tall and an inch or so thick) of our fence.

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