Database cleaning updating

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How to spot it: Pay close attention to capitalization, abbreviations, &/and, and standardized formats for things like phone numbers and addresses.Incomplete data is any data that is missing or not available in your database.We know that the G Suite for Nonprofits is a popular tool for many orgs, so we’ll point out any differences in functionality or process for Google Sheets users.

Also, regular NCOA updates can go a long way in keeping your organization’s data accurate.

And although some of your constituents might like writing in ALL CAPS, it can sometimes make it look like you’re YELLING AT THEM when you use an all caps name in communications.

The formula will take into account names that have multiple uppercase letters (ex: Mc Donald), but you’ll want to spot check those names to make sure they’re correct.

This is useful to create a simple public listing of the datasets, with no user information.

Some simple additions to the Apache config can serve the dump files to users in a directory listing.

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If you need to do a few things at once, you can nest multiple functions within one another.

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