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‘I’m not sure why anyone would deny us this,’ the 33-year-old explained in a recorded message for Loose Women.She added: ‘I’ve always wanted a girl, I totally appreciate the fact that some women aren’t lucky enough to have children and might think I’m selfish.If you want to experience the romance of getting married in Tuscany, with a pure Italian wedding, you can trust the expertise and professional attitude of our wedding planners.

Our goal is to make your wedding in Italy unforgettable and nothing less than unique and perfect for you and your guests.

Rebekah Vardy, a guest panelist on the show, agreed that the treatment ‘isn’t something I’d want to do,’ and stressed that ‘so many people out there’ struggle to naturally conceive in the first place.

However parents going abroad to countries where ‘sex selection’ is legal is increasing.

The process involves having IVF and then using pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to figure out which embryos are male or female.

The embryos of the correct gender are then implanted.

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Before reasoning: ‘Michael and I will go abroad for gender selection, I don’t doubt that many celebrities do it, but not many people say it.’ But Nadia Sawalha hit back on the show by explaining that the treatment is ‘illegal here for a really good reason’.

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