Cybersex hookup chat room

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Cybersex hookup chat room

This week, I invited sex tech consultant Lux Alpatrum to explain the culture around digital sex, and how technology is influencing intimacy. on i Tunes, listen on Sound Cloud, or subscribe via RSS. You can also find the entire collection of What's Tech?

A study has found that over half of all internet users who engage in cyber sex are either married or in a serious offline relationship.

While the average participant in Mr Squirrell's sample group said they spent just over 12 hours a week engaging in sexual activity online, some people reported engaging in cyber sex for up to 10 hours a day.

Dr Squirrell says while not all sexual activity online is harmful, some people are desperate to overcome an addiction to online sex.

Every conversation was different, but each began the same way. If they were older, they'd disappear keenly aware that being seen in a chat room with a child wasn't a good look.

A doctor or therapist can help identify any underlying problems such as depression, low self-esteem, or fear of real-life relationships.

The average respondent was male, well-educated, and in their early 40s.

Around 40 per cent of respondents identified themselves as heterosexual, with others listing their sexual orientation as gay, lesbian or bi-sexual.

He recruited survey participants by advertising within cyber sex user groups - sites that are generally used by people who spend a greater than average amount of time engaged in cyber sexual activities.

Almost half of those who took part in the survey live in North America; 12 per cent said they were Australians.

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Choose Help, a recovery organization for struggling addicts, suggests that you may be addicted to cyber sex if: Other warning signs may be part of addiction, or they may reveal that a person is at risk.