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Cyber sex with a bot

” The best answer I can give you is, “Compared to jerking off, it feels fantastic.” Don’t take just my word on it, though, let’s see what other folks on the Internet have had to say about their favorite silicone sex dolls: David from Canada had this to say about his full-sized silicone sex doll: “I used to fantasize when using my hand to make me cum but now it feels like the real thing, only a whole lot better.” Joe in Idaho says, “My black silicone sex doll feels so good and looks so real, it doesn’t take long for me to drain my dick. She’s always available for as many times I want.” Teddy in the UK had this to say about sex with his silicone sex doll: “I couldn’t believe how good it feels.

In less than 15 minutes, she got her first pearl necklace.

Ahri’s pussy has been specially designed to take an 8” cock and same for her asshole.

So penetration should be no problem for most horny men.

It’s an investment for sure, but one that will give you a lot of long-term ‘bang’ for the buck.

Is she life-sized, curvy, skinny, blond, brunette, white, black or brown… With so many options available, your female silicone sex doll can cost from 0 up until 500.It even moves like the real thing, and when you select your perfect companion, it also looks like the real thing (or, as is often the case, even better than the real thing).Big tits, small waist, nice hips, flat chested, long legs, you name it, you got it.And, most of all, they are always ready to satisfy your desire for pussy pleasure whenever you feel the need.The most common question asked by shoppers is, “What does sex with a silicone sex doll feel like?

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