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Cupid dating persona test

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Back in the day when Ok C had lots of quizzes, they had a test that assigned you one of a collection of personality types, as a take off of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

There are many many different quirky test at okcupid but the important one to others is the dating persona test.

It’s also a great to get an understanding of what your dating personality is.

You used to be able to take the tests on but now all the links lead to the okcupid "missing page" page. I really hope you find it somewhere else or that Okcupid puts it back up.

I've been taking this test regularly for the last 10 years.

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Think before you take this personality persona test because you will be ask questions like now I think I know why they asked this question but all the same it makes you think about shit you shouldn’t be thinking about.

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The best I could find was where the above link was shared on reddit about a year ago (apparently it was still up then).