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Crystalens accommodating lens reviews

"It's always a question of whether it lasts a lifetime." With that goal in mind, he tracked 156 eyes in 78 patients for 5 years.The patients had a mean age of 65 years at baseline.The two approaches have both produced good effects in short-term studies, Dr Ang said, but he was not aware of any long-term comparisons."We need to do a long-term follow-up of everything we put in the eye," he said.Accommodative lenses change in shape in response to movement of the ciliary body.The Crystalens changes its focus by moving forward and backward on flexible, hinged haptics.On the other hand, there were fewer haloes and starbursts in the Crystalens group than in the other two groups.European ophthalmologists have stopped implanting the Crystalens because it sometimes moves in the wrong direction.

Conversely, there were fewer halos and less glare with the Crystalens than with the two multifocals.In the discussion that followed, moderator Thomas Kohnen, MD, Ph D, from the University of Frankfurt, Germany, asked if Dr Ang had performed all of the capsulotomies himself. The panel of three experts named Dr Ang's study the best of the 14 presented in their session."The important thing is that it was a long-term study," Dr Kohnen told .The Morcher Bio Com Fold Type 43E, Human Optics 1 CU, Lenstec Tetra Flex, and eyeonics crystalens are examples of single-optic IOLs.Single-optic, accommodating IOLs function by changing their position in the capsular bag during accommodative effort with a resulting increase in the effective power but not the inherent power of the lens.

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PCO occurred more slowly in the Re Stor than in the other two lenses.