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The Mc Grath Consulting Group's methodology helps define proper levels of response and services as well as the dollars needed to provide that service.Public safety is not only necessary, it's a major cost center."Money is an issue because obviously Dorset would have to pay more money for police services than what they're paying now, and I think probably Manchester would have some money issues, too." - Alan Gould, Municipal Resources, Inc.vice president Steve Jeffery, the executive director of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns is seeing other communities around the state exploring possible consolidations. At the same time, Jeffrey says, historically independent Vermont communities are sometimes are leery of consolidation efforts, fearing a loss of local control.The town actually has two distinct fire departments, one for Dorset and one for the neighboring community of East Dorset.There are also separate fire districts, fire tax rates and water districts, and all those entities operate independently of the town government.More than three dozen articles — gleaned from decades of experience serving departments across America — cover communication, change, diversity, career considerations, finances, goal setting, leadership, performance, planning, training, and trust.

Dorset, a picturesque community just north of Manchester in Bennington county, doesn’t have its own department, and relies, as many Vermont communities do, on the Vermont state police and contracted public safety services through the local sheriff’s department."In Manchester's case, under the recommendations of the study, Manchester would get 24-7 coverage,” O’Keefe says.“So we'd be getting more police officers, more coverage, more hours in the day, the week and the year.“And the governance is that towns have to be willing to accept a partnership from a governing standpoint." The process will moved forward with public meetings on the police side of consolidation up for discussion later in June in both Manchester and Dorset.As the hunt for two escaped killers enters its sixth day, Vermont State Police are focusing their search on the shores and islands in Lake Champlain, and about 50 state troopers have joined the search.

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But there's the simple fact that it can take 10 to 12 minutes or longer to get out to parts of Dorset,” Gaiotti says.

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