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Consolidating career training loans

Use our Private student loans are not eligible for consolidation through a federal Direct Consolidation Loan, but you can consolidate your private student loans by refinancing with a private lender.

With numerous banks offering student loan refinancing, choosing a lender can be overwhelming.

And it isn’t based on your credit score — which can be a positive if your credit isn’t good, or if you have a fairly new credit history.

Instead, you consolidate your loans refinancing through a private lender.(See more below.) See also: When people talk about student loan consolidation, they’re generally referring to consolidating federal loans through a Direct Consolidation Loan from the U. When you refinance, a private bank purchases all your loans and provides you with an entirely new loan and a new, often lower, interest rate that’s based on your debt-to-income ratio and credit history.You also get a new loan if you consolidate with the federal government, but the resulting interest rate is simply the weighted average of all the interest rates on all your old loans.Consolidating your student loans can seem like an attractive idea.After all, one payment may be a lot easier to manage than several.

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Consider not only your monthly payment but also how much you’ll pay in the long run.

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