Code geass dating sim

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Code geass dating sim

No matter what you’ve read about Code Geass season 3 the anime is yet to be announced.

If one does take place, it wouldn’t be in the near future, possibly Fall 2020 or Winter 2021, maybe even later.

Among the sprites used for the characters when they chat with the bosses in the beginning of the battles are some very odd placeholder sprites of an old man with a little speech bubble nearby.

Said speech bubble shows the internal number of the sprite, which varies as it is used many times. Placeholder" has absolutely no relevance to the story, and his sprite comes in different flavors: facing right as an ally, facing left as an enemy, or glowing like some characters in plot-important events.

Sure the show still remains a fan favorite, but the inactivity of the producers when it comes to the anime series decreases the chances of Code Geass Season 3.

But you never know, maybe Code Geass will return better than ever and take the anime world by storm.

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