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After her mother's death Cassie Blake moves to Chance Harbor, Washington, to live with her grandmother, Jane.

Cassie's life is changed forever when her new classmates tell her that she is a witch, the sixth and final member of their Secret Circle.

After the incident with Zachary Larson, Cassie looks up her mother's old friend, Heather Barnes.

She discovers Heather has been in a catatonic state since the night of the fire, sixteen years ago.

She prefers to focus on regaining her individual powers, now that the Circle is bound.

A man named Zachary Larson has been asking questions about the Circle, causing Dawn to ask Charles to watch over the children.

Diana (Shelley Hennig) decides the entire Circle should go in case Jane is in trouble.

She also invites Jake (Zylka) along, much to Adam's (Thomas Dekker) dismay.

"Beneath" airs TONIGHT, November 3rd @ 9PM ET/PT on the CW.

Her debut TV show was American Juniors, which is a reality television show singing competition series.

This show broadcasted only for 1 season, comprising of 17 episodes in 2003.

Cassie attempts to distance herself from the Circle, even making friends with a non-witch, Sally Matthews.

As the witches use their magic more and more recklessly, Diana is convinced they need to bind their powers.

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This is a problem for Faye, who revels in the increase of the Circle's magic now that Cassie has returned to Chance Harbor.

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